THE LAST DROP 1972 LochsidE

“So lively, it almost arrogantly defies the years...”

The year is 1972. Elton John is singing Rocket Man and Richard Nixon is taking unadvised phone calls at the Watergate Hotel, but in the picturesque, Highland town of Montrose it is business of usual and happy workers at the Lochside Distillery - which has long held a special place in the hearts of many whisky-lovers - are producing some of Scotland’s finest grain whisky. 

Single Grains are less frequently in the limelight than their Single Malt or Blended Whisky cousins, but we believe they can possess an unequivocal charm when aged gracefully, and this particular cask surpassed all our expectations. Honey gold in colour and profoundly aromatic in a way only vintage Scotch whisky can be, it is smooth, balanced and utterly delicious.

The historic Lochside Distillery opened its doors in 1957 and for a time was one of the most beloved of Highland grain distilleries. It was sadly forced to close its doors some 35 years later, but happily for our special band of whisky lovers, the departing owners left behind a few casks… including this one: number 346. After distillation, The Last Drop 1972 Lochside Single Grain was filled into 2nd-fill bourbon casks in which it lay undisturbed until we bottled it in late January 2017, aged over 44 years.


Only 106 Bottles Exist

Each bottle has been scrupulously bottled and wax-dipped by hand. Part of the 'Extremely Rare' range The 1972 Lochside Single Grain is  presented in our signature chocolate brown The Last Drop Distillers leather case. A generous 50ml miniature, a custom-made stopper, a luxury tasting book and a certificate of authenticity complete the meticulous presentation.


Andrew Rankin's tasting notes:

On the nose, a delicious dry fruitiness with a hint of fresh hay and aniseed followed by toffee and honey.
On the palate, a fresh, crisp mouth-feel with vanilla, caramelised apple and a noticeable, oaky richness.
The finish has a pleasant and lingering richness of fruit and aromatic cherries with pleasant peppery hints and lingering balanced oak...”


An extract from Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2017
Awarded 94 points, "So lively, it almost arrogantly defies the years..."

"A friend of mine, just a day or two before I tasted this, by coincidence sent a message saying how lovely it would be if an Old Scottish Grain got World Whisky of the Year. Indeed, it would – and it may one day happen. But not this year, despite the excellence of this ancient whisky. Oh 1972, eh! Just up the road at the Lochside Distillery some of Scotland’s finest grain was being produced by happy distillery workers drunk on their club’s comparative success. What heady days… new re-lived and not just grainy memories…