An evening with The Last Drop Distillers

The Last Drop Distillers have featured in Arcadia Magazine (UK)  where the 1982 Bourbon has been included in a piece titled ‘An Evening with The Last Drop Distillers’. This piece comes following Lawrence Head’s attendance at the launch event in November 2018. The feature notes how ‘finding a Kentucky bourbon of this advanced age is practically unheard of. Moreover, finding a bourbon of this age which is of such an exemplary quality is, by default, rarer still’. There is also mention of the launch event, noting how ‘The evening comprised of Kentucky inspired music, some southern style food including my eternal favourite fried chicken and waffle, a taste of the spectacular 13th release from the team at The Last Drop, and damned good company.’

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You can own a personal cask of whisky - and turn a profit on it

The Last Drop has been included in the Robb Report in a piece titled ‘You can own a personal cask of whisky - and turn a profit on it’ by Jemima Sissons. The feature notes how ‘other companies are doing the legwork for the customer, such as The Last Drop Distillers, who refer to themselves as “rare spirits hunters”. They source casks of highly-regarded liquid from around the world and their offerings, unlike many others, are fully matured before they are sold to customers’.

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Max Allen & Rebecca Jago interview

Rebecca Jago features in an indepth interview with the Australian Financial Review’s Max Allen as they enjoy two Last Drop Distillers whiskys. Max is more than impressed with the tasters: “It is the most extraordinary whisky I've drunk in a very long time. As you can read in my tasting note, below, it makes me giggle with excitement from the first moment I raise the glass to my nose and take a deep sniff.”

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The Last Drop Distillers packages all of its collectible spirits with a miniature replica bottle so collectors can actually taste the stuff they buy without breaking the seal. This is the "new" release, 1982 Buffalo Trace bourbon. LAST DROP DISTILLERS

The Last Drop Distillers is a company that specializes in locating exceptional and unique aged spirits and wines and making them available to aficionados and collectors around the world. Today the company announced the release of the oldest bourbon it has ever offered, the 1982 from Kentucky’s Buffalo Trace Distillery. As the company is quick to point out, when this elixir was created, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the year’s top selling album, E.T. dominated the box office, Sony introduced music fans to breakthrough new technology with the very first CD player, and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year was not a person but rather “the Computer.”

It’s much easier to find a CD or even vintage vinyl copy of Thriller than to get your hands on this bourbon, which is even more obscure than E.T. on laserdisc (remember laserdiscs?). There are only 44 bottles worldwide, of which 25 are going on sale in the U.S. by The Last Drop Distillers (the rest will be sold overseas). They run a cool $4,000 but that’s still cheap

compared to many far less rare collectible Scotch whiskies, and I expect they will all be gone almost immediately.

The Last Drop Distillers seeks to uncover and bottle the world’s finest and rarest of spirits, and their signature upgrade with all the releases is to package the regular bottle along with a 50ml miniature replica. This solves the biggest problem facing rare wine and spirit collectors - they often never get to actually taste the stuff because they are afraid to open the pricey bottles. With The Last Drop, you can collect your booze and drink it too. You also get a pocket-sized tasting book with additional pages for personal tasting notes. “We are tremendously excited to present the 1982 Bourbon, our second smallest release to date,” says Rebecca Jago, Joint Managing Director of The Last Drop (via release). “With only 44 bottles worldwide, this is sure to become a collector’s item. The Bourbon is a wonderful spirit: deep and rounded, with delicious notes of dried fruit and honey. We only wish there was more to go around.”

According to the company, the 1982 Bourbon “will be available upon request at select Fine Spirits and Wine Merchants nationwide.” If you want one, I’d get on the phone, and personally I’d start with places like Sherry-Lehmann or Park Avenue Liquors in New York.

If you want to just try it virtually, these are the tasting notes written up by Drew Mayville, Buffalo Trace’s Master Blender:

NOSE: The nose is nothing short of exquisite. Its seductive softness is accented by a rich toffee-like, honeyed vanilla, and candied ripe fruits with undertones of oak.