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You can own a personal cask of whisky - and turn a profit on it

The Last Drop has been included in the Robb Report in a piece titled ‘You can own a personal cask of whisky - and turn a profit on it’ by Jemima Sissons. The feature notes how ‘other companies are doing the legwork for the customer, such as The Last Drop Distillers, who refer to themselves as “rare spirits hunters”. They source casks of highly-regarded liquid from around the world and their offerings, unlike many others, are fully matured before they are sold to customers’.

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President and Co-founder of The Last Drop Distillers

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It is with profound and heartfelt sadness that we announce the death of our co-founder and inspirational president, Tom Jago, aged 93. Beloved by us all, we give thanks for his brilliance, his incisive humour and, above all, his deep affection for the team and the industry he so loved. Rest in peace, Tom. 

Tom Jago. 21st July 1925 - 12th October 2018

Tom Jago awarded Master Keeper by the Keepers of the Quaich

On Monday 3rd of April, Tom Jago Founder and President of The Last Drop was made a Master of the Quaich by the Keepers of the Quaich. The Keepers of the Quaich is an exclusive and international society that recognises those that have shown an outstanding commitment to the Scotch Whisky industry. Only selected members of the industry receive the recognition of being made a Keeper of the Quaich, and even fewer will ever receive the rank of Master of the Quaich, which is reserved for those who have made an exceptional contribution to the industry. At the age of 91, Tom was unable to travel to the ceremony, so the award was received on his behalf by his daughter, Rebecca, accompanied by his long time friend and partner in The Last Drop, James Espey

“I am humbly proud of the honour of being made a Master of the Keepers. The award is the more emotional since I was there at the beginning, when the Keepers was just a glitter is James’s eye. I shall enjoy my evening dram from my gleaming silver Quaich, and drink the health of the Keepers – a cheerful band.”  Said Tom.

Below is the citation of Tom from the ceremony:

Cutting his teeth with W&A Gilbeys in the 1960's, Tom went on to work with both IDV, UDV, Seagram, his greatest legacies being the creation of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the Classic Malts range, Chivas Regal 18yo and more recently The Last Drop  - all projects working hand in glove with his dear friend, James Espey. 
Revered by many as a proper 'renaissance' man, Tom's profound vision, incisive style and ability to think differently always set him apart from the crowd, especially when armed with an irrepressible glint in the eye and infectious mischief in his smile. Indeed, it is fair to say that Tom's influence has truly moved the industry in a way that few could ever dream to match. 
Forever the ultimate gentleman of Scotch whisky, it is the Society's profound honour to welcome Tom Jago to the rank of Master of the Quaich. 

Tom's daughter, Rebecca, receiving the Quaich on his behalf.  

Tom's daughter, Rebecca, receiving the Quaich on his behalf.  

The Last Drop 1972 Lochside Single Grain

"So lively It almost arrogantly defies the years..."
Jim Murray, 2017 Whisky Bible  

2017 will be year of Vintages, beginning with our 1972 Lochside Single Grain this month and culminating with an exceptional 1971 Vintage Blended Scotch in September. Vintage whisky is becoming increasingly difficult to find, the supply dwindling while the demand is soaring...  But thankfully our treasure hunters got their hands on some extraordinary liquid, and here we are, with the very first launch of 2017:

The Last Drop 1972 Lochside Single Grain Scotch Whisky. 

Based in the town of Montrose in the Highland Region the Lochside distillery started life as a brewery under the ownership of James Deuchar & Sons Ltd. Closed by Scottish and Newcastle it was then purchased by Macnab Distilleries Ltd in 1957.  Rapidly converted to a distillery, it started to produce malt and grain whisky and was at time one of the most beloved of Highland grain distilleries...
In 1973, Macnad Distilleries was purchased by the Spanish company DYC which was in turn purchased by Allied Distillers. The Lochside Distillery closed its doors in 1992 to the regret of many whisky lovers and was sadly demolished in 2004 -2005.

We could only produce 106 bottles of the 1972 Lochside Single Grain, all from the cask number 346. Bottled in 2017 it is just over 44 years old. 

An extract of Andrew Rankin's tasting notes: 

On the nose, a delicious dry fruitiness with a hint of fresh hay and aniseed followed by toffee and honey.
On the palate, a fresh, crisp mouth-feel with vanilla, caramelised apple and a noticeable, oaky richness.
The finish has a pleasant and lingering richness of fruit and aromatic cherries with pleasant peppery hints and lingering balanced oak."