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Kentucky Owl Rye, Bruichladdich Vintage Single Malt & More New Whisky


Kentucky Owl is releasing its third batch of straight rye, and many other new whiskies are hitting shelves. (Photo by iStock/stockfotocz)

Many whiskeys have a good story behind them, but for Rabbit Hole’s newest bourbon, that story takes on particular poignancy. In an exclusive interview with Whisky Advocate, Rabbit Hole founder Kaveh Zamanian revealed why he chose the name Heigold, and what inspired the new names he’s given to the rest of the brand’s whiskeys. Heigold ($70) and the rebranded line roll out next month, first at the distillery and later more widely.

Other new whiskies are coming out as well. Kentucky Owl is releasing the third batch of its rye, this time with a 10 year old age statement. Priced at $200, Kentucky Owl Rye is available in limited amounts.

Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay is adding two new vintage releases to its core range. Bruichladdich 2010 Bere Barley is made with an ancient strain, while Bruichladdich 2010 The Organic is, as you might have guessed, distilled from organic barley. Both whiskies are $100, with 18,000 bottles of each available.

Eighth-generation Jim Beam distiller Freddie Noe has unveiled the third release of his Little Book series. While the last two bottlings were blends, this one is actually a straight bourbon, priced at $125 and available in limited amounts.

Seattle-based Westland Distillery is releasing the fourth iteration of its single malt aged in Pacific Northwest garry oak. Westland Garryana 4|1 costs $150, with 3,750 bottles available.

Boutique importer PM Spirits has bottled a third batch of its MGP-sourced bourbon, Mic.Drop. This time, the whiskey is roughly four years old. There are 8,000 bottles available, priced at $60.

Chattanooga Whiskey has unveiled two core releases of its “Tennessee high malt” style of bourbon: Chattanooga 91 ($35) and the barrel-proof Chattanooga Cask 111 ($45). Both whiskeys are widely available in several states.

The second batch of Irish single malt Egan’s Legacy Reserve is coming out, this time at 16 years old. Priced at $200, just 1,000 bottles are available, with 700 of those for sale in the U.S.

The Last Drop is launching a 56 year old blended scotch. The rare bottling costs $4,350, with 732 bottles available worldwide.

Finally, two scotches are coming out that will not be for sale in the U.S. Diageo is releasing a 40 year old Brora in honor of the 200th anniversary of the distillery; it’s priced at £4,500 (about $5,450). The company’s latest release from Lagavulin is a 10 year old, for sale at travel retail for £50 (about $61).

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Style: Blended whisky
Origin: Scotland
Age: 56 years old
Proof: 47.2% ABV
Price: $4,350
Release: September 2019
Availability: 732 bottles

Need to know:

Initially distilled in 1963, this scotch was later blended and bottled as a 12 year old. Some of the liquid remained, however, and was transferred to sherry casks, where it continued maturing for several years more. The whisky was later transferred again to four bourbon barrels, which are now being bottled by The Last Drop.

Whisky Advocate says:

While old scotch isn’t in and of itself so rare, such a mature blended scotch doesn’t come around very often. What’s most unusual about this release is that the malt and grain whiskies were initially aged separately, then blended, and then that blend was put back in casks for continued maturation; typically, once the blend is put together, it’s bottled and that’s that.