Just a Drop project: The Construction OF A NEW      borehole in Nsunka (Zambia)


We are thrilled to partner with Just a Drop, a global charity which focuses on sustainable water, sanitation and food security development needs. We have chosen to support Just a Drop on a very special project: the construction of a borehole in Nsunka (Zambia). The country was a natural choice for us, as founder James Espey was born in Zambia. Until the borehole project, Nsunka villagers had to walk for over an hour to access water which was dirty and contaminated. The borehole, will change their daily life in unimaginable ways: they will be trained in the maintenance and repair of the equipment, and they are involved in every step of the construction. The initial drilling should take place later in September. 


Portrait of two Nsunka villagers


Perthius Malisopo

Perthius is 26 years old and is married with one child. Perthius completed his grade 12 at school but was unable to go to college because both of his parents had died and as such he has to provide for his wife, daughter and sister-in-law by small-scale farming. However, he has to cycle one hour each way to get the water required for his crops. As such he has little time to spend in other activities. The water from the borehole will change his life.



Winwell Nkombalume

Winwell is 56, married with 2 children. He was born and bred in Nsunka village. The nearest water source is about 4km from his home, but the largest challenged is the fact that it is an open well, the water is dirty and contaminated and shared with animals. He is looking forward to having a borehole so that the drinking water is protected.