“The Last Drop 48 Year Old simply caresses your soul.”

Scotch Whisky of the Year(Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2015)

The youngest of the distinguished malts and grains was distilled in 1965, and many are far older. Indeed, several of the distilleries represented here have long since closed forever, making this a truly rare and luxurious Scotch whisky – the like of which you may never taste again.

Twenty-seven years ago, a small volume of the original blend was selected by the Chief Blender to be refilled into fresh
ex-Bourbon American oak casks for further ageing. Since then, this small batch has been slowly maturing in one of the oldest traditional warehouses in the Highlands of Scotland resulting in a precious, chestnut-hued release that is both rich and fragrant.   

Only 592 Bottles Exist

Each has been meticulously bottled and wax-dipped by hand, and is presented in a signature Last Drop Distillers leather case. Each case includes a generous 50ml miniature as well as leather-bound booklet that certifies your bottle and leaves room for personal tasting notes as you explore this exceptional blend.



Andrew Rankin’s tasting notes:

A rich, yet golden chestnut. On the nose, warm figs and
ripe peaches are balanced with layers of pear and cinnamon-spiced orange.  Once in the mouth, the flavour is both complex and smooth with  a slow release of ripened peaches, pear brandy and toasted oak wood. Dark chocolate, almond and peach linger in the mouth.”


An extract from The Whisky Bible 2015

2015 Scotch Whisky of the Year • 2015 Scotch Blend of the Year

“Almost impossible to imagine a blended whisky to be better balanced than this. If there is a cleverer use of honey or less intrusive oak in any blended whisky bottled in the last year, I have yet to taste it. An award winner if ever I tasted one. Magnificent doesn’t quite cover it…”