The LAst Drop Awards

More than just old and rare, our collection of spirits is exceptionally delicious.  Our tasting panel never compromises on quality; industry specialists and critics seem to agree. 

Here is the list of the awards won by our releases -



The Last Drop 1971 Blended Scotch Whisky

Awarded 97 points, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2017

  • Blended Scotch Whisky of the Year

"If you can find a blend with the smoke has this perfect an effect, please point me to it; (...) even though I now know many of the people at The Last Drop, I am still not entirely sure how the keep doing it.  Just how do they continue to unearth whiskies which are truly staggering; absolute marvels of their type?  This one is astonishing because the grain used is just about faultless.  And the peating levels can be found around about the perfect mark on the dial.  Just mesmerically beautiful." 

1947 Cognac LS bottle + glass.jpg


The Last Drop Hors D'Age 1947 Cognac 1961

Awarded 96.5 points, Nick Faith 2017

"It seems ridiculous that one's first impression of a seventy year old cognac is how fresh, young and delicious it is.  The aromas have the richness of summer flowers, with hints of the sea wafting in from the Atlantic coast. (...) The length and complexity of the finish is surprising in such an ancient liquid. And the glass itself retains the notes long after the last drop as been savoured. " 



The Last Drop 1972 Lochside Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Awarded 94 points, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2017

"So lively it almost arrogantly defies the years; a little green tea and watered down eucalyptus confirms the age, a squeeze of lemon the age-defying devil within it. Charming sugars as deft as they are dexterous ensures the tannins always stay at a low level. (...) Oh, 1972, eh! What heads days... no re-lived and not just grainy memories..." 



The Last Drop 1961 Dumbarton Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Awarded 96 points, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2016

"Dumbarton here displays, with an ease almost bordering arrogance, why it is the doyen of grain whiskies. It is no coincidence that the greatest ancient blended whiskies I have tasted include liberal amount of Dumbarton. As you can see here, it has the ability to be firm enough for backbone to form, yet soft enough to ensure a yielding countenance, too. A grain, glorying in its 55th year..." 



50YO DM + mini.jpg


The Last Drop 50 Year Old Double-Matured Blended Scotch Whisky

Awarded 9.5 points, Charles Maclean for Whiskeria Magazine

Awarded 97 points, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2016

  • Scotch Blend of the Year
  • Blended Scotch Whisky of the Year (25 - 50 years)

"You'd expect, after half a century in the cask, that this would be a quiet dram, just enjoying its final years with its feed up and arms behind its head. Instead we have a fairly aggressive blend determined to drive the abundant fruitiness is still possesses to the very hilt. It is backed up all the way by a surprising degree of warming, busy spice. There is a hell lot of life in this beautiful ol' dog..."



GG with box small.jpg


The Last Drop 1967 Glen Garioch Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Awarded 96 points, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2015

  •  Single Malt of the Year (single cask)
  • Single Malt Scotch of the Year (41 years & over, single cask)

"When this distillery produced the whisky in the bottle before me it was making probably the smokiest malt on mainland Scotland. Which is just as well for this grizzled old greybeard. Because things preserve rather well in peat - and this Glen Garioch is no exception. Just a standard low- or non-peated malt would have vanished behind the layers of tannins which have formed a crust around some of the lighter components of the dram. But here the smoke softens the oaky blows until they become only caresses. It is a quite extraordinary - and in many ways lucky - experience. "




The Last Drop 48 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

Awarded 96.5 points, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2015

  • Scotch Whisky of the Year 
  • Blended Scotch Whisky of the Year 

"Almost impossible to imagine a blended whisky to be better balanced than this. If there is a cleverer use of honey of less intrusive oak in any blended whisky bottled in the last year. I have yet to taste it. An award winner if ever I tasted one. Magnificent doesn't quite cover it..."





The Last Drop 50 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

The Whisky Advocate's Blended Whisky of the Year 2014

Awarded 96.5 points, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2014

  • Blended Scotch Whisky of the Year (25-50 years)

"I do admire what as been done here. Because it was a gamble for the right reasons, which has paid handsomely in many ways, yet has just fallen short in others. Here, they took a magnificent whisky which for no other reason than pure serendipity, threw it back for a few extra summers in oak to take it to 50 years. A bold move. And it remains a quite astonishing, for life-remembering dram of labyrinthine complexity. "




The Last Drop 1950 Finest Aged Cognac

Exceptionally awarded 95 points by Jim Murray

"As dry as one might expect from a Cognac of such obvious antiquity and every bit as sophisticated and balanced as one might have the audacity to pray for. The oaky cocoa on the finale is as inevitable as it is charming."





TLD 1960 with glasssmall.jpg


The Last Drop 1960 Blended Scotch Whisky

Awarded 96.5 points, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2009

  • Scotch Blended Whisky of the Year 
  • Best New Scotch Blended Whisky of the Year 
  • Best Premium Blended Scotch Whisky of the Year 

"How do you mark a whisky like this? It is scotch. Yet every molecule of flavour and aroma is pure bourbon. I think I'll have to mark it for quality, principally, which simply flied off the graph. This, by the way, is a blend that was discovered by accident. It has been put away many years ago for marrying - and then forgotten about in a warehouse. The chances of finding another whisky quite like this are remote. It is a one off and anyone who misses this one will kick themselves forever. Astonishing. Unforgettable. A freak whisky at its very peak.