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The Last drop 1982 Kentucky Straight Bourbon

“Knowing that you’re tasting history as you taste the last drops. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience.”

It was the year Time magazine altered its annual tradition of naming a “Man of the Year,” choosing instead a personal computer to become “Machine of the Year.” On the streets and in the clubs of American cities, Michael Jackson was playing on repeat. Blade Runner, ET and An Officer and a Gentleman dominated the box office, while fashion was all pearls, shoulder pads and glitter. Ronald Reagan sat in the White House, The Cold War was raging, and kids were saving up their pocket money to buy the Sony Walkman CD player. And deep in the Kentucky countryside, the master distillers at Buffalo Trace were also creating one of their finest Bourbons, and filling it into American white oak casks.

The Buffalo Trace Distillery is one of the oldest and most renowned distilleries in Kentucky, and winner of countless awards including Distiller of the Year a record five times. They produce over 110,000 barrels each year, and still demand outstrips supply. Renowned for quality, innovation and attention to detail, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have acquired this remarkable parcel of aged bourbon.

The 1982 Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a magnificent example of an aged Bourbon, which has spent just the right amount of time in virgin oak – as Bourbon must – before being bottled at its peak. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to taste a rare and exceptional old Bourbon, still bearing the hallmarks of all Last Drop bottlings: rarity, age and freshness. The bourbon distillate must comprise at least 51 percent corn – and many distillers up that to about 60 to 70 percent. Corn gives bourbon its distinct, sweet taste - sweeter than sister spirits from Scotland and Ireland. Bourbon must also be aged in brand new, charred white oak barrels – and each can only be used once. Nothing else is added to bourbon in the distilling process ensuring all flavour comes from the spirit and the charred oak barrels themselves.

Drew Mayville’s tasting notes...

“The nose is nothing short of exquisite. Its seductive softness is accented by a rich toffee-like, honeyed vanilla, and candied ripe fruits with undertones of oak.

Sophisticated with an extraordinary richness and butteriness with layers of apple, pecans, ripened pear, dark Belgian chocolate, caramel and a kiss of black cherries.

This remarkable whiskey transitions to a memorable finish of dried dark fruit with delightful lingering oak. All the time knowing that you’re tasting history as you enjoy the last drops. This truly is a once in a lifetime taste experience.”

The Last Drop Team’s tasting notes...

“First impressions are of a newly mown hayfield, rich in texture. A sweet aroma rises from the glass, promising riches... In the mouth it has glorious toffee richness that encompasses all the taste buds. The sweetness gives way to the balanced notes of oak. All in all a sensational spirit, truly worthy of The Last Drop bottle!”

Only 44 Bottles Exist...

Each bottle has been scrupulously bottled and wax-dipped by hand at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Part of the ‘Extremely Rare’ range, The 1982 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is presented in our signature, chocolate brown The Last Drop Distillers leather case. A generous 50ml miniature, a custom-made stopper, a luxury tasting book and a signed certificate of authenticity complete the meticulous presentation.

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