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CURATORS OF THE WORLD’S MOST REMARKABLE SPIRITS: we search for the exceptional, to share with our discerning customers. Our philosophy is demanding but meritocratic: the quest is for the liquid and not the label — constantly seeking that elusive but exhilarating blend of age, character and vitality.

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The Last Drop Distillers are single-minded about their mission: to seek out and collect remarkable spirits from around the globe, unfettered by house style or spirits category. There might only be enough liquid for a handful of bottles, but this is a quest for quality over quantity. Guided by expert ‘noses’, a life-long love of the finest spirits and a little help from numerous friends across the worlds of Wine & Spirits, The Last Drop draws a very strict line between the great and the merely good…

Speyside Moorland Heather

Speyside Moorland Heather

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Colin Scott's career began on 16 April 1973, and, after many decades of outstanding success at Glenlivet and then at Chivas Bros, Colin joined The Last Drop in September 2020.

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A glass of The Last Drop 1980 Bourbon Whiskey

A glass of The Last Drop 1980 Bourbon Whiskey

The Last Drop’s products are available through our hand-picked network of retailers, importers and distributors around the world. For availability or distribution enquiries outside the countries and regions listed, please contact us.

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