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“A result that is as limited in quantity as it is remarkable in quality”

THE TOMINTOUL DISTILLERY LOCATED between Ballindalloch and Tomintoul, is a classic Speyside distillery, and the source of elegant, complex distillates. Our oldest single malt scotch whisky to date, this whisky was born on 11th November 1968, when the Tomintoul Distillery was less than four years old. Founded by Glasgow whisky traders Hey & Macleod and W. & S. Strong, it was originally equipped with just one wash still and one spirit still, and production began only a year later.
Fast forward to March 2022, and the spirit from these six casks graduated, before disappearing again for a further period of maturation in an Amoroso butt for a final 20 months. A process that added new layers of complexity, a deep golden amber colour, rich and sweet dark fruits, a gentle floral fragrance and a spicy aftertaste. A result that is as limited in quantity as it is remarkable in quality.

Release Size : 582 Bottles (worldwide)

Format: Individually numbered bottles (700ml + 50ml miniature) presented in our ravishing new packaging.

ABV : 41.7% (81.4º Proof)

RRP : £6,600.00 (inc VAT)

This Last Drop 55-Year-Old Tomintoul Single Malt Whisky is a connoisseur’s drink; one that you might wish to savour quietly on your own, before sharing it with carefully chosen accomplices who will appreciate its unique character.

Fig 1 – Rich, dark fruit


APPEARANCE: Appearance A deep golden amber in colour, speaking of long years in rich sherry casks.

NOSE: The colour heralds rich and ripe notes of dark fruits, sweet raisins, and fruitcake. This is followed by a gentle floral fragrance, grassy nettles and notes of toffee, enhanced with the nuttiness of hazelnuts, spices, and an oaky sweetness.

Fig 2 – Cinnamon

PALATE: The taste is an explosion of ripe fruits, and richly caramelised apples. A dance of spices and herbs tingles on the tongue, with buttery notes of sticky toffee pudding coming to the fore.

CONCLUSIONS: The finish is long and lingering, as befits a whisky of such great age. Sweet oak and suprising floral notes alongside the complexities of fresh, ripe and dried fruits aplenty.

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