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c. 1970

“Each cask yields a whisky that is slightly different from those around it”

On 6th December 1970, three single casks were filled with Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Over the following half-century, that Single Malt Scotch Whisky matured undisturbed in those self-same barrels.

Release Size: 286 bottles

Cask No. 10586: 45.3%
Cask No. 10588: 44.1%
Cask No. 10589: 45.0%

RRP: £5,400 (inc VAT)

The relationship between each individual cask, the distillate and the surrounding air brings about a marvellous alchemy; each cask yields a whisky that is slightly different from those around it. To celebrate the differences in personality between individual casks, we have therefore chosen to bottle each of these “sibling casks” separately.

This trio of whiskies comprises our third and final Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky release. The first, from 1968, was launched in 2018, and the second, from 1969 followed in 2019; this latest marks the close in a unique trilogy of remarkable Glenrothes whiskies.

Mark Gillespie of WhiskyCast’s tasting notes – Cask No. 10586: The nose is malty with gentle kisses of peat smoke, vanilla beans, dark chocolate, and touches of dried apricots, mango, and papaya. The taste starts off light and fruity at first, followed by a nice balance of spices, barley sugar, and a hint of smoke. The finish has a whiff of peat smoke, along with chocolate and a lingering touch of spices. Overall, it’s luscious and vibrant with a gentle smokiness. (96 Points)

Cask No. 10588: The nose is rich with orange marmalade and notes of vanilla beans, Manuka honey, a touch of smoke, and a good maltiness. The taste can be described in one word – wow! There is a great fruity character with apricots and orange peel balanced by touches of oak tannins, vanilla beans, barley sugar, and a hint of spice that lasts through the long finish along with touches of tropical fruits and a hint of oak. (95 Points)

Cask No. 10589: If you’ve ever had a campfire interrupted by rain, you’re familiar with the smell of smoky, wet wood. That’s the first note I get on the nose, along with vanilla, cooked bananas, a hint of sandalwood, and touches of dried fruits. The taste is fruity and vibrant on top with fresh berries and tropical fruits. A dark undertone of oak tannins and smoke balanced by gentle spices underneath makes this single malt delightfully complex. The finish is very long with gentle spices and touches of fruit and smoke. Outstanding! (96 Points)

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