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Renowned Irish Whiskey pioneer Helen Mulholland has joined The Last Drop Distillers Assembly

News | March 15, 2024

“Joining The Last Drop Distillers Assembly is a great honour. I feel a great affinity with the work of the company and their quest for 'the remarkable' .”

We are delighted to announce that Helen Mulholland, the first-ever female Master Blender in Irish Whiskey and first woman to be inducted into the Whisky Magazine International Hall of Fame, has joined The Last Drop Distillers Assembly. Helen is the first new member of The Assembly since its formation in 2020, and her extensive expertise and passion for the spirits industry makes her an invaluable asset to our panel of respected experts.

With a career spanning more than three decades, Helen has earned her reputation as an icon in Irish Whiskey. At the beginning of her career, the number of distilleries in both Ireland and Northern Ireland could be counted on one hand; now there are more than 40. She began at Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland, where she became their Master Blender. She has contributed significantly to the global growth of the category through her expertise in blending casks of varying ages and is now Master Blender at Lough Gill Distillery.

Helen’s first involvement with The Last Drop came in 2023 with Release No. 32: A 32 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey, created in partnership with Louise McGuane of JJ Corry. Helen worked with Rebecca Jago and Louise, a founder member of The Assembly, to create The Last Drop’s first ever Irish Whiskey release, a landmark moment for our company.

“We are delighted to welcome Helen to The Assembly. Her unparalleled knowledge and passion for Irish Whiskey make her the perfect fit for our group of luminaries from across the worlds of Scotch, American, Irish and Indian whiskies, Cognac and Rum. Helen will be an immensely valuable addition to The Assembly: she has an exceptional palate and incredible experience, and is also truly captivating company.”
Rebecca Jago, Managing Director of The Last Drop Distillers

“Joining The Last Drop Distillers Assembly is a great honour. I feel a great affinity with the work of the company and their quest for ‘the remarkable’ and look forward to collaborating closely with The Last Drop team and colleagues in The Assembly. Working in Irish Whiskey is an incredible privilege, and being able to interact with the special casks that The Last Drop has put together will be very special. There is a feeling and connection inherent in whiskey, like spending time with a family member or entering an old house, and I look forward to sharing my love and enjoyment of the spirit with the Assembly.”
Helen Mulholland

The Assembly was formed to support The Last Drop Distillers in our mission to curate and create remarkable spirits from across the world. It comprises a select group of industry experts and plays a pivotal role in the assessment and creation of spirits that might warrant a place in our collection. Click here to discover more.

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