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Bourbon Pursuit is one of the most popular bourbon podcasts in the US. Following the announcement of the release of The Last Drop’s 1980 Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Rebecca Jago was invited onto their podcast to talk all things Last Drop, including the uncovering of the 1980 Bourbon, and some of the other discoveries in The Last Drop Collection. You can also watch Kenny and Ryan as they taste their sample of the 1980 Bourbon on their Whiskey Quickie review.

“This is such a unique and interesting story… one of the top bourbons of the year… of a lifetime…”
The Last Drop, 1980s Bourbon
05.07.2021 - News
The Last Drop Forms The Assembly
The Last Drop, curators of the world’s most remarkable spirits, has formed The Assembly, an independent and carefully selected panel of experts drawn from across the spirits industry, each a renowned world-leader in their own category. Drew Mayville, Master Blender for the Sazerac Company, and Colin Scott, Master Blender for The Last Drop Distillers of London, have been named Founding Members of The Assembly.
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