The Last Drop 1960 Blended Scotch Whisky

“Whisky that gives us reason to live”

There were only 1,347 bottles left in the old sherry casks when we found them; more than a half had ‘gone to the angels’. But what remained was magnificent; it has been received with acclamation around the world.

It is bottled by hand and sealed with wax; in this way it will never change – perhaps a treat for your great-grandchildren. But you need not go without. In each satin-lined casket we place a 50ml miniature, also wax-sealed, so that you can have a generous taste.

The old way of distilling, shown here, used only peat to dry the malt – there was no other fuel in the Highlands. Today, peat is used with discretion to add that hint of smoke. You can find it in the nose of The Last Drop.

An extract from founder Tom Jago’s Cellar Notes:  

“The nose has a complexity of chocolate, figs, pronounced vanilla; faintest exchos of peatsmoke; sherry wood emerges with added water. Personally, I detected a memory of ancient bodegas.

Natural sweetness on the palate, then spice at the back of the mouth. Harmonious combination of new-mown hay, dried fruit, herbs and rich biscuits. The sherry cask has rounded this whisky to a complex whole. Really spicy, long finish. A great surprise is to find the whisky still so youthfully fresh after fifty years in cask – I would almost say ‘brisk’.