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The Last Drop Tawny Ports: 1870 & 1970

Story | May 6, 2021

The Last Drop Tawny Ports
“These are ports to create moments – to enhance the moments of the people who are going to enjoy this… an opportunity for one of the great moments in someone’s life”

Over 150 years ago, Thomas Edison was refining his design of the first electric lightbulb, and Alexander Graham Bell was perfecting his new communications invention: the telephone. Charles Dickens – the most famous man in the world – died and Vladimir Lenin, the architect of the Soviet Union, was born…

A hundred years later, Concorde took her first supersonic flight, and the Jumbo Jet came into service. The Beatles announced they were to split, and the first New York marathon took place with fewer than 200 competitors.

And, 100 years apart, two extraordinary tawny ports were made, on the same vineyards in the same hills of the Douro Valley.

In 2017, The Last Drop came across the remainder of these two tawny ports, still sitting in wooden barrels, maturing quietly. What started as an idea, became a reality and, with the help of our friends in the Douro Valley, our duo of Tawny Ports from 1870 and 1970 were bottled and released: we called them Centenario.

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